v 22.15.9 [1]
To enhance the flexibility of telemedicine services, a separate procedure code is no longer required. Your PA request should be entered using the procedure code, excluding the GT Modifier. Going forward, Telemedicine services will be identified by using the appropriate Place of Service when submitting claims for payment.
The issuance of a Prior authorization is not a guarantee of payment. Program rules and regulations, along with the benefit plan coverage, must also be met for reimbursement. For questions related to benefit plan coverage contact The Medical Assistance (Medicaid) Office at 1-800-482-5431 or ARKids First at 1-888-474-8275.
Provider Notification
Before proceeding, make sure that all requested documents are saved to your computer and available to upload in PDF, JPEG, or TIF format. RPT and XPS files are not compatible with eQSuite.